Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Playing Catch up.

So, yet again I have fallen behind on this blogging stuff. Damn life getting in the way again! So where to start? I guess where I left off would be the ideal place. Hawaii.

Hawaii seems like a lifetime ago! I guess a mountain of things have happened since then. What can I say; it’s a beautiful place that I got to explore with great friends. There were plenty of little adventures, such as driving across the entire island to find ‘THE Lighthouse’ (which apparently I spoke about incessantly the night before when drunk) only to find it was basically some scaffolding at the end of a dirt track!  Let’s just say the others were not too happy with me.  Ashley found it funny, but only in a ‘if I don’t laugh I will cry’ kind of way. Oops!

We spent our days lazing the time away on secluded beaches, snorkeling with sea turtles and tropical fish and exploring the active volcanoes of the island. One of which is the most active in the world at the moment. Very impressive, I must say! J

With fresh seafood being so readily available I figured it would be the ideal time to try lobster.  It was on the bucket list! So after a morning at the beach, Ryan and I ventured to the local fish market and I purchased a freshly caught lobster tail. After googling the best way to prepare this foul-smelling crustacean I was excited to get stuck in. Surely this was going to be epic. Emm…No. Boke. It was as foul-tasting as it smelled. Disaster! I guess I still got to strike it off the list, but I was severely disappointed. 

On my return to Whistler there were quite a few comments along the lines of ‘I thought you were going on holidays? Where is your tan?’ I really did think I was pretty brown. L I was reassured that this was not the case at all in Seattle en route home. We stopped over for a night and got to spend a bit of time with Tristan and Brad, before they set off on their USA road trip.  I missed both of them immensely, so of course I was super excited to see them again. I don’t know why, because within about 30 seconds of being back in their company, the abuse I was so accustomed to,  started again! Alongside the onslaught of abuse from Tristan, Brad had his input in, confirming that I was still a pasty Irish girl, and that no amount of Hawaiian sunshine was going to change this. Such charmers!

The next big event was my sister’s arrival to Canada.  The entire two weeks was spent doing all the touristy activities Whistler has to offer. After living here for 8 months I still had not ventured to the suspension bridge, or other such delights. I have no time in Whistler! J So we went on the Peak to Peak, hiked the forests, lay on the docks of the lake and, most memorably, canoed (or attempted to canoe with a horrid hangover) down the River of Golden Dreams.  I believe I spent most of the time doubled over laughing at Ashley and Sinead, rather than doing any actual paddling! After spending most of their time in the middle of the lake and Jamie, our ever-so-patient guide, shouting ‘DRAW, DRAW!’ at them, we decided it might be better to swap canoes and for me to go with Ashley. Turned out not to be the case at all. We were probably just as bad a team, if not worse.  We spend the majority of the time in the bushes; subsequently we ended the day with multiple bruises and scratches. A lot of fun all the same, thanks Whistler Eco Tours! J

Sinead’s trip also coincided with Brad’s return to Whistler. After a few weeks travelling the US he came to his good senses and realized that Whistler really is the place to be! So of course with him back, Sinead here on her holidays and Ashley…well Ashley just being her usual self, messy times were had. I had to work while Sinead was here, so I would finish my shift to find the terrible trio on the patio of The Longhorn Saloon, 3 drinks down and willing me to play ‘catch up’. Of course it was always a challenge I was ready and willing to accept. Apparently they were just introducing Sinead to Whistler life; I can’t really argue with that portrayal!

Brad wasn’t the only Whistler Fam member who made their way back to this beautiful, albeit rain-soaked, mountain-side paradise. Alex decided that lovely Manchester really wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and after a grand total of 2 months at home he quit his job and booked a flight. J Slowly we are re-grouping! Now all we need is for the others to get their act together and get their asses back here.

The only downside to June in this region of Canada is the weather. Its pissy, to say the least. I am hoping much more from July and August. After a few sunny and warm spells in April and May, we have been left with rain, rain, thunderstorms and, emm, rain. Feels just like a good old Irish summer.

Otherwise, we have been having fun with BBQ’s and parties in our new house in Creekside and spending evenings walking by the lakes.  New houses are fun, but hard work on the same note. Getting to know peoples different ways and habits is always interesting. Also, living in a room that one cannot quite stand up straight in can prove a challenge, especially when you are a lanky 5”9! Putting that aside though, the new house has been great. Probably too much tequila involved in everything that is done (not on my behalf for once, ahem… Ashley and Meg!), and avocados being stolen left, right and centre, still, these are the joys of shared living. J The house also has an ever-changing list of tenants and visitors, which always keeps us on our toes. From sisters and parents, friends arriving back unexpectedly and of course various late night visitors, it certainly does make for some varied conversations and banter.

Speaking of interesting banter, I think Mr. Bradley Cooke has finally met his match when it comes to inappropriate, ridiculous, piss-taking banter. Although they knew each other during the winter season, Ashley and Brad were only really friends through association, so when they were forced to spend some real quality time together (tour guiding Sinead around Whistler) their true colours began to shine; much to my despair. The two of them, as horrifically crude as they are, keep us all in fits of giggles, as well as keeping a constant blush on my face as the jokes are usually at my expense. I can’t complain though, at least there is never a dull moment with the two of them around. What more could you want, 2 raging alcoholics. One of them is a giant, Aussie one, the other a tiny Scottish one. Both mouths as foul as their minds, but the two of them can strike up a rally of banter like I have never quite experienced before.  J
Pub Golf for Meggles Birthday...Messy to say the least! Dont we look the part?

So on top of the above mentioned drunkards, we have Meg. i.e Meggles, Steggles, Meg-a-tron. A Crazy, Ontario girl who has a secret love of the ‘Dutty Wine’ and likes a glass of red as much as me. Really, could you ask for anything more in a house mate?? Apart from the fact that she also wants to give me a movie and music education this summer (apparently it’s a sin that I haven’t seen ‘Kill Bill’?) she also gives in to my need for massages and tickles. Golden.

The we have Andrew, the older (more mature? Questionable) sibling of Meg. Although he spends the majority if his time in the same spot in the lounge, he does have his uses. For one, he knows how to work the playstation. That’s always a plus. He also taught me how to cut an onion. The guy is a genuine wealth of knowledge! And then of course in July we will have Mr. Dan Baskett joining the ranks, what a busy little house it will be.

So, from here on in I shall try and be a little more prompt with the blogging, and thus give you a reason to ‘stay tuned’.

Peace out.


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