Saturday, 4 May 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Aloha from Kona Island, Hawaii.

Picture it, i'm sitting on our balcony, coffee in hand, sunglasses on and Foster the People serenading me through the speakers. my view is golf course as far as i can see, and wandering on the greens are an astonishing amount of wild turkey and geese, who are ridiculously frisky. It must be mating season!

These turkeys and their attempts to woo the females have been the source of much amusement, and the spark to a very in-depth conversation about how their mating habits are just like ours. According to one Ryan Mcleod, the male turkeys are at the beck and call of the females, and no matter how much the puff their feathers and ruff themselves up, at the end of the day, the female can take or leave it. Yet, all the female has to do is give her approval and that seals the deal. I have to say he makes a point. All one has to do is take a look around The Longhorn in Whistler, or any bar for that matter!

I'd like to say that this ramble about turkeys has a purpose and some kind of relevance to this blog post, but it doesn't. I shall move on!

The weather is slightly overcast today and I had one too many glasses of shiraz last night, so I'm taking this time to catch up on the past few weeks. For myself, as well as on this blog!

Before we left for Hawaii summer arrived in whistler, and with the sun came adventures. Mainly ones that involved sunglasses and rum, but also a few beautiful days basking by waterfalls, hiking the forests and lying by lakes. Its the insight that I needed, showing me what a summer consists of in Whistler, it confirmed I have made the right decision by staying.

After some crazy birthday celebrations in mid April, it was great to have some time to just chill with friends, particularly with those that were leaving in the subsequent weeks. First came a day trip to Vancouver with Ashley.

After fracturing her spine on some ice and being bed ridden for a few weeks Ash was coming down with a severe case of cabin fever, and being the great friend that I am I agreed to a trip out of the 'bubble' (I was also in desperate need of some new underwear!) So, off we set on the 8am greyhound to Vancouver for a day of retail therapy. Now, when it comes to shopping I may as well be a man. my main priority is 'does it fit?' and 'is it comfortable?' This was always much to this despair of my mother and sisters and, now, it seemed to Ashley too.

We always knew that we had very different taste in things; music, men, food... the list goes on, and now we can firmly put clothes and fashion on to that list! We had such a giggle rolling our eyes at the others choices in clothes. Ashley's main response to my question of 'do you like this?' was 'yeah...for you'. It was a successful day all the same, both of our bank balances took a severe battering!

It also took a strange turn when we ended up in a tattoo and piercing parlour, Ash getting her inner ear pierced and me deciding, spur of the moment, to get a ring put in my nose! I would like to think this is some kind of new, bad-ass me, but I highly doubt I can pull that off!

In the following days the sun came out to allow us to wear the new summer purchases from Vancouver. We spent days lying on the grass of staff housing, sipping mojitos and soaking up the much needed rays after a Whistler winter.

As flat 201 was soon to be disbanded we decided a fam day out was in order, so we took off to discover the train wreck of Whistler. It was yet another beautiful day and as we walked along the train tracks to the forest it really began to dawn on me how much I was in love with this place, and all the people who come with it.

On our search for the train wreck we came across a beautiful waterfall that will definitely be re-visited during summer. It was like something from a post card, so serene and picturesque. We ended up spending quite a few hours there, mulling over the events of the past few months and planning the future.

From there we ventured on to the amazing Creekbread restaurant in Creekside. For someone who isn't a pizza lover, I can easily say that Creekbread does epic pizzas! We stuffed our faces and laughed over everything and anything, good times.

The day was perfectly rounded off with a trip to Alta lake to watch the meteor shower. Lying on the docks with some awesome people and watching the night sky for meteors sounds like something out of a cheesy American movie, but it really was something special. That will certainly be a day that sticks in my memory for all the right reasons.

The following week was spent doing very mundane tasks like cleaning the flat, packing to move and for Hawaii and surprise surprise, saying more goodbyes. Loris left first which was as horrific as expected. I will miss that girl! I have never met anyone that can make people laugh so unintentionally. Such a sweetheart that really does look after me. I am ever so worried that Ashley and Meg (my new housemates) will be nowhere near as soft on me as Lauren, i'm pretty sure her replacements wont take anywhere near as much of my crap! uh oh.

Saying bye to Sarah Fam and Matt wasn't much easier, but at least it was me leaving this time, rather than them. When I get back to Whistler I will officially be the only Fam member left!

So after checking out of staff housing :( and packing up 'the bang bus' with the ridiculous amount of things I have accumulated over the last six months (including 2 sets of skis, 2 snowboards and a guitar) we were ready to head for Seattle and Hawaii.

Stay tuned for all things Sun, Sea and Sand.

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